Adultification Bias Course


Adultification Bias Course

A special one-day training event Practitioners and Managers across a range of children’s services.

"She knew what she was getting into" - a statement made by a professional working with this 13-year old girl who had been groomed into a life of sexual exploitation by 'who she thought of' as her boyfriend.

'She' is a black girl and the boyfriend is a trusted white guy, over twenty years her senior in her local community. The professional is someone who has worked within Education for in excess of twenty years, a trusted safeguarding lead.

It's a similar narrative across the contextual safeguarding (outside of the family environment) with young brown boys with shadow of beard at 10 or 11 yrs old being profiled and watched for their involvement in terrorism, or a playful group of 9 and 10-year old boys being racially profiled for their 'almost certain' part in a spate of local robberies.

There's a shown 'adultification' towards children of colour that places them outside of being properly protected. This is exactly the definition that Jahnine Davis and Nick Marsh (2020), National Expert in the protection of black children has brought to us.


4th October 2024

9.30am - 4.30pm

at The October Gallery,
24 Old Gloucester Street,
London WC1N 3AL

There are 16 places available on this course at a cost of £295 each. Includes a light lunch and refreshments.

During the one-day course on 4th October, we will :

  • Explore the definition of Adultification Bias
  • Consider how the three connected aspects of the Professional Inter-Adultification Model operate in day to day practice
  • Recognise the ways in which multiple micro aggressions on the self-esteem, confidence and identity of black and brown children are 'expressed' very often through non-verbal behaviours daily, including through trauma responses
  • Identify the ways in which practitioners across a range of professional services for infants, children and young people might become more sensitised to Adultification Bias and very importantly
  • Commit to focused action in challenge to Adultification Bias as it is happening, whether this is in relation to individuals, those occurring in a systemic way by several within a setting and/or in challenge of professional partners across a number of agencies
  • Respond to individual 'call to action' in light of personal insights through the course of the day

This one-day course is being held in Central London on 12th June and is co- facilitated by Gemma Watson and I. It has been designed as a highly participative day for up to 16 delegates.

Who is this conference for?

Places on this course are suitable to both Practitioners and Managers across a range of children’s services, those within faith organisations, sporting, arts and campaigning settings and those who hold a Designated Lead for Safeguarding, SENCO or Behaviour Lead roles.

Who is leading this training?

I am delighted that Gemma Watson will be joining me ! 

Gemma is a Trauma-informed and Psychological Trainer/Mentor. She has extensive experience in training, coaching and mentoring with a working background mainly in education and social care. She is known for her empathic and holistic approach, particularly in bringing a trauma-informed practice and a truly person-centred approach to life with individuals or groups of young people and their parents/carers. In the course of her career she has worked within Secondary School Academies, Community Mentoring and Sports Coaching with elite athletes and is very well academically informed, with qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring to Psychology, Counselling, Behavioural Neuroscience, and Trauma-informed Coaching approaches. Gemma is also currently also involved in ground-shifting work with both the Police Service and Sporting Bodies in challenging systemic racism.   

And if you do not know so much about my background, here is a little about me. 

I (Catherine Rushforth) have worked in Children's Services for over forty years. I am a long-time qualified Early Years Practitioner, Social Worker and Systemic Therapist. I spend my time equally engaged in training, safeguarding Consultancy and working directly with families, either individually or in groups. I am actively involved in the 1001 Critical Days Movement, the period between Conception - Age Two, including at an APPG Parliamentary level. 

Like Gemma I am well known for my career-long commitment not only to ethical, equitable and ally-aware practice but also to building enterprising partnerships on a multi-disciplinary basis. Most recently this has been with the Unicorn Children's Theatre and Three Inspiring Head Teachers. With their generous partnership I designed, organised and facilitated an Adultification Bias Conference.     


Is this training for you?

If you are ready to inquire into the Key Safeguarding Questions of this era - want to cause a groundswell of change for children of colour, their families and communities in a clearly evidence-based and relatable way - want to feel the support, alliance and resource of a shared endeavour - want to reconnect to your heartfelt beliefs, purpose and vision then this event is for you

When and where is the training taking place?

Join us on 4th October from 9.30am - 4.30pm at The October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL.

We've designed the training to be highly participative day for up to 16 delegates.