Adultification Bias Conference


Adultification Bias Conference

A special one-day event for Senior Designated Lead Persons for Safeguarding, Managers and Head Teachers/Principals.

As a growing number of key leaders come together to make change at this pivotal stage in the history, they are pausing to make meaning of where we are in building a truly equitable service for all children, their families and community – Are you ready to ask yourself the key safeguarding questions of this era, what Adultification Bias is and the way the dynamic infects Black and Brown children’s confidence, safety and achievement?

Racism is a Safeguarding matter alongside all of the aggressions that children of colour have to manage daily.

What is this Adultification Bias Conference?

It's a deeply immersive and highly participative event enabling considered exploration into what Adultification Bias is, how it impacts the hearts, safety and achievement of children and young people, infects professionals’ relationships with parents and actively harms children of colour .


Who is this conference for?

Senior Designated Leads for Safeguarding, Head Teachers, Principals, Proprietors and Managers – Across the Early Years, Primary and Secondary/Youth and College Sectors.

‘The Event’ is focused on evidence-based relatable practice, grounded in research. It is intended for Leaders who are engaged in making meaningful change and are interested in building alliances, sharing resources and contributing to a new order.

The culture of the conference

We promise a warm, encouraging, supportive and stimulating environment where close attention is paid to honesty and empowerment. Ample opportunity will be given for discussion, stimulated by innovative Head Teachers who are on the eliminating Adultification Bias path.

  • Naheeda Maharasingham – Head Teacher of Rathfern Primary School
  • Tenisha Jones- Davis, Assistant Head, Loughborough Primary School
  • Sarah Wordlaw – Head Teacher of Streatham Wells Primary School
  • Keynote reflections by Jahnine Davis, Founder & Director of Listen Up, PhD Researcher, Specialist Member of Child Safeguarding Practice Review and Expert in Safeguarding Black Children
  • And Film, Music, and tasty food.

Who is leading this conference?

As Director of Catherine Rushforth and Associates, I am delighted to have formed a unique partnership with Unicorn Children’s Theatre and three innovative Head Teachers. Each is engaged in the National Professional Qualification for Headship, School Improvement, Research and Published Authors.

Like all Catherine Rushforth and Associates offerings ‘the Event’ is intended as an enabling professional environment, highly participative in nature. We’ll engage in round-table discussions, shift perceptions and see natural next steps emerge.


Key Objectives of the conference

  • To build awareness of ‘Adultification Bias’ including definition linked to the research of Jahnine Davis and Nick Marsh.
  • To recognise the ways in which the Adultification Bias dynamic ‘may’ operate within families, organisations and communities - Including how it ‘may’ become further entrenched by our recognised ways of working and actively harm children, their self esteem, confidence and achievement.
  • To explore ways in which Adultification Bias is being addressed through a series of evidenced based practice models.
  • To share in the innovative approaches adopted by both Head Teacher guest speakers and the delegate community, including false starts, obstacles and successes along the way.
  • To provide the discrete ‘head space’ to make honest assessment of delegate’s current position in recognising and acting on Adultification Bias for their organisation, putting a rudimentary plan together and drawing on the resources of others.

You might be asking yourself if this event is really for you, particularly if you are already taking steps in this key aspect of Safeguarding. You might also view yourself as not at all informed or even anxious to set off on this path. Where-ever you are I promise there will be something for you. This might be :

  • Informing yourself on the multiple ways in which Adultification Bias operates
  • Actively feeling the support, alliance and resource of a shared endeavour
  • Causing a groundswell of change for children of colour, their families and communities in an evidence-based and relatable way
  • Reconnecting to the heartfelt beliefs, purpose and vision that brought you to this work

Is this event for you?

If you are ready to inquire into the Key Safeguarding Questions of this era - want to cause a groundswell of change for children of colour, their families and communities in a clearly evidence-based and relatable way - want to feel the support, alliance and resource of a shared endeavour - want to reconnect to your heartfelt beliefs, purpose and vision then this event is for you

When and where is the conference taking place?

This event took place on 22nd February 2024. Contact us if you are interested to know when we arranged the next event.

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This event took place on 22nd February 2024.

Contact us if you would like to hear when we arranged the next event on this subject.

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