Responding to Allegations against Professionals who hold positions of trust


Responding to Allegations Against Professionals Who Hold Positions of Trust

On 18th January 2017, a news item declared that 1000 people, mostly men, came forward to disclose child sexual abuse during their childhoods across many Football Youth Academies within the UK.

There are daily press features on the investigation of historic abuse across foster and children’s homes, schools, faith organisations, nurseries, youth clubs and beyond.

For those who were abused it’s not historic; for them, it’s very current. They have stolen themselves to speak, sometimes for the first time about people who harmed them, people who held professional roles, 'professional positions of trust'.

There are parents, grandparents, our next-door neighbours, members of our communities and indeed our own professional practitioners who are deeply affected by concerns that we may be able to tell that they were one of those children that were abused too. The mood is tense.

So, how can we reassure them that...

  • We know how to deter those who confidently apply for jobs in our organisations, purely to get easy access to children, their children, to abuse them.
  • We have clear professional behaviour policies that actually reflect what we do in real everyday situations.
  • Practitioners in the team challenge each other, rather than close ranks.
  • If they, their child or a member of the team, or a neighbouring organisation made an allegation, we would actually hear and recognise it as that and then respond to it as a child protection matter.
  • We know who to contact if an allegation is made against a member of our practitioner team, including what should happen if that allegation concerns the Head of Service, Manager and/or Proprietor/Owner.

On this course you'll learn exactly how to handle allegations against yourself or your members of staff.

"In this most complex of areas, Catherine Rushforth & Associates courses are always relevant, interesting and tailor made so they represent the best fit for the needs of the target audience."
- Susie West, Head of School, St Christopher's School, Hampstead