Designated Lead Person refresher training in central London


Designated Lead Person Refresher Training

11th October OR 22nd November 2024 in central London

Worried about COVID-19? We conducted a thorough appraisal of the venue and their precautionary measures. Learn more here.

Our Designated Lead Person refresher training addresses the full range of designated responsibilities, drawing upon a multi-agency perspective that complies fully with all legal requirements; including those directed by the Local Safeguarding Children Board to work with statutory agencies and other partners.

This Designated Lead Person for Safeguarding refresher training is London Safeguarding Children Partnership Group 4/5 level.

We will walk participants through the full range of the Designated Lead Person for Safeguarding role. It references the school Senior Leadership Team, including Proprietor and Governor responsibilities in ensuring that Designated Lead Persons are well supported and resourced to carry out their role effectively.

This training is suitable for those who are refreshing their knowledge (a requirement of the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020 guidance), or who need to gain an overview of the role.

We offer Designated Lead Person refresher training for both education and non-education settings. Wider professional services, outside of Education include: Private, voluntary and independent sector early years services, Children’s Centres, Charities, faith organisations, sports and arts clubs for children, health services (emotional, mental and physical health), community safety officers and housing.

Catherine Rushforth leading a Designated Lead Person training session

What we'll explore...

  • The responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead Person
  • The critical role of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board
  • How to successfully work with partnerships
  • What the key messages are from the Serious Case Reviews
  • What all staff, volunteers and governors need to know and understand about safeguarding
  • How to manage risk and understand the thresholds for referrals to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), including Children’s Social Care
  • What to do below the MASH referral threshold, including Early Help Assessments
  • Understanding the barriers to disclosure
  • Information sharing and challenge
  • Playing your part in sensitive assessment that honours race, culture, language, religion, beliefs systems and values whilst maintaining clear focus on safeguarding responsibilities
  • What all staff need to know about female genital mutilation and sexual exploitation
  • Understanding Online safety for children and staff
  • Recognising the interface between high standards of professional conduct and behaviour and active enactment of the Whistle-blowing Policy in the prevention of allegations against staff
  • Understanding inspection judgements relating to safeguarding

The 1-day refresher course addresses high levels of detail relevant to the Designated Safeguarding Lead Person role; however, it does not include high levels of delegate participation, a feature of our usual approach and what you will experience with our 2-day initial training course.

If you are new to the Designated Lead Person for Safeguarding role or have been a Designated Lead Person for some time and need to formalise your understanding of the role then please see our more appropriate 2-day induction training.

The Trainer

John Guest brings a strong strategic and operational management experience to the team and is widely regarded for his vast experience in safeguarding, including his facilitation of Serious Case Reviews and chairing several Safeguarding Children Board sub-groups.


11th October

OR 22nd November 2024

9 am until 4.15 pm

Anglo Educational Services, 5 Richbell Place, Holborn, London, WC1N 3LA


One of our training rooms where we’re using chair desks to help maintain social distance.

Training in central London

A full day of training, 9.30 am until 4.15 pm.

£210 + VAT
(including light lunch and refreshments throughout the day)


A full day of training

(including a light lunch and refreshments throughout)


What our delegates have said about our training...

I have lost count of the really poor, unrelatable training I have attended over the years and the thought of 2 days DSL training did not at first fill me with inspiration, but your approach, the course and the other delegates made for as really enjoyable few days. I felt as though I learned a great amount, met some good folks and was taught in an inclusive fashion, rather than being talked to, or at!
Jamie Purser
Lewisham College
I really enjoyed the DSL training session. It was very insightful, & thought provoking learning more about the different agencies involved. I have to say it has been one of the best training sessions I have been on. Catherine was a great trainer. It has really helped me in confirming that safeguarding is the area I would like to focus on and move into.
Michelle Hewison
Southwark College
"The course was excellent. John Guest [the trainer] is very knowledgeable. He included relevant anecdotes. These examples made it very real. My colleague left feeling far more confident in how to deal with these issues. I was most impressed and we will be using you again."
Peter Harris
Head teacher / Ewell Castle School, Surrey
"All of the course was so beneficial! Such clear and well delivered content. The walking through [the] documents and scenarios was really helpful."
E. Wilson
Head of Centre / Ann Tayler Children's Centre
"This was my first time as a DSL. I was a bit nervous about the responsibility of it. I felt much clearer by the end of the course in my ability to assess and take action. I felt quite confident that the judgements I was making in the exercises were the right ones."
Michelle Germain
Designated Lead Person / Ravens Wood School, Bromley
My practice has been put to the test and I have expanded my knowledge 100% surrounding safeguarding. I feel that I am now confident with understanding the steps to take. It [DSL training] has been a thoroughly engaging experience and I look forward to continuing my development.
E. Ferguson
Kingsdale, Southwark
The delivery and engagement by Catherine was fantastic! I learnt a lot just by being there.
Carla D.
Herne Hill School
"This was my first DSL safeguarding course, as I will be the Deputy DSL from next September. I think doing a 2-day course really helped as there was a lot of material, and there was plenty to time for discussion and for questions. I thought it was good that there was a diverse range of experience with safeguarding in the room and doing small group work and changing groups helped us learn off each other. The trainers did a good job in handling some very serious material. They answered all the questions that were asked of them, and spent their lunch time with us too which meant that we could discuss issues informally."
Lizzie Lyons
Deputy Designated Lead Person / Brighton and Hove High School
"Very concise, clear delivery - enjoyed the non-dramatic approach, no scaremongering stories. Very professional and thought provoking"
Ann Bernadt
Nursery Teacher / Nell Gwynn Nursery School
"Catherine and John really do know what they are talking about. I felt inspired by that and it made me feel confident. I learnt a lot. We will use you again and again. I would definitely recommend these courses to others."
Elena Salazar
Family Support Worker / 1st Place Nursery, Southwark
"The training was really good. I really enjoyed the day. The trainer made safeguarding easy to understand. The material was relevant. The content was up to date and included the [recent] changes to Working Together, with opportunities to participate and discuss. John Guest and Catherine Rushforth instil passion in the attendees. It was definitely worth my while, and I benefited from the course."
Karen Bridges
Lead Manager / Hillyfields Nursery, Lewisham
"Big thanks to John and Catherine. A hugely difficult and complex subject illuminated with clarity, intelligence and thank goodness some humour too... p.s. the food was also lovely!"
Ian Pressland
London Chamber Orchestra
Catherine has definitely empowered me to take action in areas I felt passionately about and I am happy to say the result has been positive in that a new policy I have written up has been put in place regarding staffing ratios as a result.
"Catherine and John provided a detailed, informative and engaging course in a positive and stimulating manner."
Robbie Devlin
Deputy Head teacher/SENCO / Alexandra Infant School
I [now] feel ready to expand working practices and confident to start my new role.
Safeguard & Wellbeing Manager / Ravens Wood School
"The course was very good. And thorough. John Guest was very knowledgeable. He gave historical context to legislative changes. The pace was good. There was a lot to take in as it was one-day condensed from two days. Would definitely recommend the training."
Hilary Wyatt
Head teacher / Durston House School, Ealing
"I found it [the course] a big plus. It got to the nitty-gritty. Both presenters, John Guest and Catherine Rushforth, were very knowledgeable and were a good mix. They passed the ball between one another well. The course helped me get completely up to date. We would like to use you again."
Jacky Pike
Head teacher / Worsley Bridge Primary School, Bromley
The training was a masterpiece, could you kindly pass my thanks to Catherine and Dimitrios, they are knowledgeable and excellent facilitators, I thoroughly enjoyed the training which helped me fill in some gaps in my knowledge.
Benson Chinenzura
Student Services Manager Careers Lead at West London College
I have a greater understanding of how to treat matters with sensitivity and empathy.
M. Dabo
Kingsdale, Southwark
"I thought that Catherine and John were a really good team. They complemented one another with their stories and their experience. They gave positive outcomes. I valued that they are experienced practitioners and had experience of our local authority. I would absolutely recommend CR&A courses."
Michelle Germain
Designated Lead Person / Ravens Wood School, Bromley
"[The training] made me rethink my professional role as well as my personal role as a parent. I will be doing lots of followup with the team to ensure all staff are trained appropriately and have the confidence to do something."
Tracy RT
Assistant Principal
I feel that the different strands of learning and experience I have are more consolidated. I feel more able to challenge and less afraid of doing so. I’ve noticed the things I was worrying about were justified and I feel more equipped to deal with them. I’m collaborating more. I’m sharing and wondering more. I feel more competent. I feel more able to step into my authority and be an integral part of a team around the child, rather than a nice addition as a therapist. I’m hopeful that YF [Young Futures] will continue to progress towards a robust model that not only safeguards young people and their babies but anchors staff and helps them to feel safe too. I feel like safeguarding is an ongoing ever-evolving process that is fallible as it involves humans, and humans are prone to skew and drift and over-identify and the rest. As long as we communicate and share and collaborate and think together, however, we should be ok. I’ve learnt to be kind to myself and others, every story is connected, for where are we without professional love in this work? Relationships are at the ❤️ of everything.
Kelly Jordan
Lead Dramatherapist, Young Futures
P. B.
Deputy Programme Director / TES Institute