Understanding the Importance of Attachment


Understanding the Importance of Attachment

The emotional attachment (or bond) between babies and their parents sets the foundations for brain development; not only in the earliest stages of life, but throughout childhood.

It sets the scene for key relationships, how a child grows and develops, whether they are at greater risk of harm and abuse and informs life chance… for the rest of our lives.

Join us on this workshop and understand how primary attachment relationships assist us, as professional practitioners, to recognise those children who may need our help and the ways in which we can be most effective.

What you'll cover...

  • What a secure attachment really looks like.
  • The signals to suggest that the attachment relationship is not as steady and secure as it might be.
  • What you, as a professional practitioner might do to support the development of attachment, not only at the earliest stages of life, (during pregnancy and babyhood) but throughout childhood.
  • The Guidance and Legislation that underpins the importance of attachment, including the work of the Parliamentary All Party Working Group on the first 1001 Days.
This workshop is available to Early Years, Education, Health, Community Safety, Social Work, Housing, Counselling, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Domestic Abuse, Voluntary, Charity and Statutory Practitioners and Managers.