An ‘Awareness-Raising’ Introduction to Safeguarding


An ‘Awareness-Raising’ Introduction to Safeguarding

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Do you need to know what safeguarding really means?

Whether it’s different from Child Protection, or, whether they mean the same thing?

What might you see, or hear, or feel, that could mean a baby or young child is being abused?

What should you say, or do if you think a child is being abused?

Are you looking for a comprehensive yet practical and easy to apply course?

This one day, practical course will assist you to answer all of these questions and help you to feel much, much more confident about your safeguarding responsibilities.

What we will cover...

  • What all children need to grow and develop, including their parent’s job in helping this happen
  • Possible ‘clues’ to neglect and abuse
  • The key steps to take if you think a child might be suffering neglect or abuse
  • What the law and guidance says about safeguarding and child protection with particular focus on The Critical 1001 Days and The Early Years Foundation Stage
  • The responsibilities of Practitioners within the Early Year’s setting including the Designated Lead Person for Safeguarding
  • What to do if you think that someone you work with is harming children
  • The five Safeguarding policies and procedures that you should have in your setting

The course is a lively and highly participative day. It encourages practitioners to look at what influences us in our personal and professional lives, including possible ‘scary stories’,myths, stereotypes and prejudices we might hold about child abuse. It also looks at ethnicity, culture, faith and tradition and how this plays a part in child rearing including those practices that are harmful, honour-based abuses.

Many practitioners who have attended this course say that they really understand safeguarding at a very deep level, can see how their own values, attitudes and beliefs help and sometimes hold them back. At the end of the day they often say that they feel much less worried about safeguarding.

This one-day Safeguarding course is for any Practitioner who works directly with babies and children up to 8 years old. The course is also suitable for anyone who comes into contact with children and families across a range of services, including:

  • Early Years Provision – Private and Community Nurseries
  • Education Services – Nursery Classes, Nursery Schools, Primary Schools and independent Schools
  • Child Care Services – Pre-Schools and Childminders, Saturday Schools and Faith Group Crèches
  • Children’s Centres – Family Engagement and Outreach Workers

The Trainers

This training is facilitated by Catherine Rushforth and Paulette Bertram.

Catherine has been working in Children’s Services for 35 years, as an Early Years Practitioner and Manager, Social Worker and Family Therapist. Catherine is member of the All Party Working Group – First 1001 Days, has led an esteemed group of experts for the DfE and WAVE Trust in the production of Conception – Age 2 : The Age of Opportunity and is a Champion for warm emotional relationships in children’s lives.

Paulette has been working in Early Years Services for over twenty years. She has managed a community funded nursery which achieved outstanding status with Ofsted. Paulette is very familiar with the Regulatory framework and has supported many settings in taking incremental steps towards improving professional practice.

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at Forest Hill Quaker Meeting House, 34 Sunderland Rd, London SE23 2QA

£60 + VAT per person (limited spaces)

The training is led by Paulette Bertram.