Navigating our way in a precarious territory

Navigating our way in a precarious territory

Many aspects of day to day life look pretty precarious at the moment.

– We are steering a course between business as usual, within the context of a global pandemic, with all the challenges that this entails.

– Ensuring the messages from the toxic couple relationships that lead to the systematic torture and murder of 16-month-old Star Hobson and six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, are understood.

– Tuning into the narrative of Young Peoples’ lives, reflected in the language and sentiment reflected in mainstream music culture, like Gangsta, Kojey Radical’s rap.

– Pausing to assimilate the messages of today’s news, the Internet Watch Foundation has seen a 186% rise in the uploading of sexual abuse imagery of children aged between seven-ten years.

There is an absolute need to grow the Designated Safeguarding Lead Person team whilst also trying to do this when:

  • Levels of staff sickness are growing
  • The primary focus is on providing a service within your organisation, school, college, early years setting right now
  • Real contingencies of the service really cannot be truly assessed until the beginning of that very day

We know that it is really difficult to predict how to proceed at the moment; we are writing to let you know what the training options are though:

Live face to face 2-day Induction Course for Designated Safeguarding Lead Persons at our COVID secure training venue in Holborn . Read more…

Or, if it seems much more manageable, we have an online ‘live’ course, running on Zoom over four mornings. Read more…

We also have an online ‘Refresher’, update training for Designated Lead Person or Deputies whose certification is about to lapse. Read more…