New Online Workshop To Support DSLs and Deputies Through This Ongoing Crisis

Gaining Perspective in Troubling Times: A New Online Workshop

This period of ‘lockdown’ in the UK seems to be causing much more significant distress.

More families face fear, anxiety, and frustration expressed during family time, alone in their isolation and whilst online ’at their home school’. They need our assistance; our empathy and support; our emotional containment.

How well-equipped do you, the Designated Lead Person and Deputies Team feel in providing this?

We know that the level of abuse to children, including unborn babies, has grown significantly over the last ten months. Early life traumas have been triggered, leaving both adults and children in a highly vulnerable state.

Coercive control within households are more deeply embedded, domestic abuse have spiked, and a variety of grooming behaviours are going undetected. The systematic abuse of some children has become the norm.

How well-equipped do you, the Designated Lead Person and Deputies Team feel in recognising and responding?

We’ve designed a 90-minute workshop as both a support and training opportunity. It specifically aims to develop :

  • Capacities to engage, remain in contact and build deeper trust with the most vulnerable children, young people and their families
  • Supportive strengths-based, solution-focused connections with both children and their families
  • Clarity of focus on appropriately boundaried relationships with children, young people, their parents, colleagues and inter-professional partners on educative online platforms and broader digital presence
  • Alert practitioners who can identify possible signs of actively obstructive, hostile uncooperative behaviours in parents and on some occasions, professional colleagues

As with all Catherine Rushforth and Associate training, we will encourage high participation levels. We’ll share successful approaches and techniques within settings and consider how we might build on these during this challenging era.

Each workshop will be online ‘live’ on Zoom:

Dates to be arranged.

Places are strictly limited to twelve places per workshop.

The cost is only £20 + VAT.