Online ‘live’ Designated Lead Person Safeguarding Training


Designated Lead Person Initial or Induction Training

Four half-days of training: next dates to be arranged

We've developed an online ‘live’ Designated Lead Person training that will address the safeguarding role during this era of COVID-19. As services begin to tentatively reopen we'll focus on the needs of children, parents and professional practitioners - as described in the Children’s Commissioner’s Report, ‘We’re all in this together?’ published on 25th April 2020.

This online 'live' training is the same exacting standards as our in-person training - focused on Practical Approaches and Building Professional Confidence

Despite being online this is highly interactive training, delivered on Zoom, in 'real-time and live' with two highly experienced Trainers.

This training will walk you through the role of the Designated Lead Person for Safeguarding, outlined in the most up to date Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance. (This is a training designed for those who work in the Education Sector although addresses the role of the DSL for a range of children's services, settings and groups and well as those working with Adults at Risk).

We’ll give emphasis to those who have been emotionally upset, mentally disturbed, neglected, abused and traumatised during the lock-down period and the responsibility for services to receive people with emotional insight, sensitivity and care.

We promise a course delivered in digestible bite-size chunks! We will take regular breaks to make it all manageable and avoid Zoom fatigue.


Four half-days of training:

next dates to be arranged

9.30 am until 1 pm each day*

Location: online via Zoom

online refresher designated lead person training
£310 for 12 hours of Designated Lead Person training over four days + off-line resources. This training is led by Catherine Rushforth
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* please make sure you will be available to fully attend the entirety of this training. It's important that you will have no distractions.

"I would like to say a massive thank you for the training put together over the past 4 sessions, the detailed information shared has been super helpful and really kept me on my toes searching the internet for information, researching local authorities and so forth.

This [online training] will have a major impact. Safeguarding of children of all ages changes continuously. It is so good to get more insight into how I, as the Designated Lead Person, we can support and identify concerns or required needs of support. This will 100% support me with continuously thinking - What if I did not intervene?"

Leiha Goodall, Nelly's Nursery

What you’ll achieve with this training?

The full objectives for this course are to:

  • Immerse you in the wide landscape of the safeguarding, including the child protection world in a way that takes a step by step ‘how-to’ approach, whilst encouraging the growth of professional confidence along the way.
  • Give you a thorough understanding of Safeguarding, including the fundamental importance of the ‘Early Help’ aspect with a focus on the emotional attachment between parent and child.
  • Assist you in unpicking possible clues to harm in children, including the dynamic that ‘may’ exist where a member of the school team may have abused their professional position of trust.
  • Piece together the inter-related dimensions of safeguarding including professional conduct, whistle-blowing and allegations against practitioners, allowing plenty of time to explore each.

When is the online training taking place?

The training is delivered online ‘live’, which means that you’ll need to attend on certain days at a certain time. Unlike some other safeguarding online courses, this isn’t a course that you complete in your own time.

It’s four, half-day sessions across four days. That’s 12 hours of training!**

**Please note, you will be required to download materials, watch videos, read and conduct research in preparation for and between course dates. Your registration for this course assumes your active agreement to enter into a partnership with the Trainers. This will make the Zoom experience and delivery of this course both possible and to our usual CR&A high standards, over four half-day sessions.

You must be able to attend all four sessions to receive a certificate of attendance for this course.

We limit the training to 14 attendees in order to maintain a high level of interaction and learning.

"I enjoyed this course and found that the online version is as engaging as the face to face version if you manage your expectations re: IT etc. I find the materials very useful for the course content and also appreciate the value they will have in future for reference. Last time I completed the course I cam away with a list of things that I wanted to implement in my organisation – professional code of conduct, in-depth training for Line Managers to support with safeguarding queries, more awareness of other Local Authorities we deliver in and their safeguarding procedures etc. This time it is helping my confidence levels in what we have in place and I appreciate that."

Amanda Brooks, Senior Service Manager Advocacy and Wellbeing, n-compass

We address the full responsibilities of the safeguarding authorities

Our Online Designated Lead Person induction training addresses the full range of designated responsibilities. The training draws upon a multi-agency perspective that fully complies with all legal requirements; including those directed by the local Children Safeguarding Partnership to work with statutory agencies and other partners.

Just like our usual in-person training, this online Designated Lead Person for Safeguarding training is London Safeguarding Children Partnership Group 4/5 level.

Our course also draws upon the most up to date legislation and guidance and most importantly its application to practice, including:

This online course is a thorough induction to the Designated Lead Person for Safeguarding role. It helps support the development of professional thinking, the connections to the theoretical framework and most importantly how to enact policy and procedure with real-life people.

We place great emphasis to adopting a meaningful understanding of safeguarding in which the philosophy of the legislation and guidance is brought to life and each Designated Lead Person locates themself within their role, both as an individual and for the entire school or Education establishment.

If you’re needing to update your training and can’t wait for business to return to normal, join us this online, interactive and engaging training.

"I particularly enjoyed the small group sessions discussing the case studies as attempting to put what we had learnt into practice was useful. It [the training] has reinforced my understanding of the importance of safeguarding and raising concerns and how this is the responsibility of all staff. And the importance of getting safeguarding information from other schools that our children go to so staff here are aware of any issues or concerns."

Fiona George, School Manager, The Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School

The topics and subjects that we'll explore in this online training:

  • Roles and responsibilities in safeguarding
  • The role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Partnership working and the critical role of the local Children Safeguarding Partnership
  • Key messages from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews 
  • What all staff, volunteers and governors need to know and understand about safeguarding
  • Managing risk and understanding the thresholds for referrals to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), including Children’s Social Care.
  • Below the MASH referral threshold, including Early Help Assessments.
  • Understanding the barriers to disclosure
  • Information sharing and challenge
  • Presenting features of Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, Honour-Based Abuse including FGM, Extremism and Radicalisation and Spirit-Based Possession 
  • Playing your part in a sensitive assessment that honours race, culture, language, religion, beliefs systems and values whilst maintaining a clear focus on safeguarding responsibilities
  • Safety on-line for children and staff
  • Recognising the interface between high standards of professional conduct and behaviour and active enactment of the Whistle-blowing Policy in the prevention of allegations against staff
  • Understanding inspection judgements relating to safeguarding

"My practice has been put to the test and I have expanded my knowledge 100% surrounding safeguarding. I feel that I am now confident with understanding the steps to take. The training has been a thoroughly engaging experience and I look forward to continuing my development. "

E. Ferguson, Kingsdale, Southwark