Safeguarding Children & Young People: 6 Reasons to Refresh your Training Today

1. Resources changes

Resource changes in our current economic climate often mean that a reduced staff team have to do more with less. They need extra support in staying clear, confident and focused.

2. Out of date

Don’t leave it before it’s too late: Many people responsible for safeguarding think they are up to date and find out after a serious incident that they are not. As well as harming a precious young life, complacency also harms your staff morale and your organisation or business.

3. New staff

When you have new staff, you/your new team need training or a refresher together so that everyone is singing from the same song sheet.  Everything that goes on in your team affects how safe the children in your care are: attitudes, self-esteem, ownership, teamwork all come into play. A coherent approach gives each team member greater support and the increased clarity saves time, effort and money in the long run.

4. Changes in best practice

On-going changes in Best Practice – keeping up to date with the collective wisdom of the safeguarding sector boosts everyone’s confidence.

5. Develop your skills

Take it to the next level and make an even bigger difference: develop your skills to an advanced level, so you can make a powerful and positive difference to young people, your team and your clients. Safeguarding is about so much more than a set of practices about keeping children safe. At a deeper level, it’s also about attitudes and relationships that have the power to positively impact families and our wider society.

6. Young lives are precious

The main reason: young lives are precious Every interaction counts. The encouragement and support you give a child or young person could affect their lives forever.


Contact us today to find out how our safeguarding training stands out from the rest. We help organisations and businesses to grow by offering expert safeguarding training based on decades of experience at all levels. We also offer bespoke training where we use our extensive coaching skills to incorporate team building and self-esteem growth into our teaching methods.

We provide a range of Safeguarding courses on which you can book a place. Please explore these courses using the links below:

This one- or two-day, certificated (Level 3) course is intended for staff in education settings who are new to the designated lead role and for those who have not updated their training within the past two years. Our Designated Lead Person training will address the following areas:

  • Roles and responsibilities in safeguarding
  • Partnership working and the critical role of the Local Safeguarding Children Board
  • Key messages from Serious Case Reviews

…and much more. Discover more about this training here…

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