Our Approach

Innovate and practical

Innovating work on a cross sector basis, dissolving professional prejudices and stereotypes – keeping the focus clearly on the child. Employing practical approaches to aid understanding of complex theoretical models.

Demystifying solutions

Cutting through the politics to deliver on positive change. Demystifying legislation, policy and guidance. Enabling positive solution-finding, instead of ‘stigmas and problems’.


Promoting individual growth at both a personal and professional level. Assisting practitioners and organisations to ‘find their heart’ in their work.

Looking after you and your needs

  • Your well-being

    A fair number of Practitioners who work with people have experienced ‘difficult beginnings’, cool or neglectful parenting and/or abuse in their own lives. We recognise this fact and actively care for your emotional well-being.

  • Being realistic

    We acknowledge that professional boundaries in relationships can become blurred on occasions. We don’t dramatise our approach to training or the material we present but specifically aim to be ‘real’ people (rather than super-humans), providing realistic and practical professional learning.

  • In experienced hands

    Everyone on our Associate Team has in excess of 30 years’ experience in working with children, young people and their families in a range of sectors, so you can trust that we have a grounding in what we’re talking about.

  • Contact us

    If you would like to discuss your specific needs for training, please call us on +44 (0) 208 123 5099 or email. We would be pleased to talk with you on a no obligation basis.

Range of training and experience

  • For professionals working with children

    Within the statutory, independent or voluntary sectors, Early Years and Education Services, from Nursery to College provision Ante Natal, Health Visiting, GP and hospital based Practitioners Police, Probation and Prison Services Specialist Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health, Homelessness and Domestic Abuse Services Faith Organisations and many more.

  • Bespoke and in-house training

    Our training courses build incrementally from awareness, to an intermediate and advanced level. We provide courses for individual teams, for inter-disciplinary groups or in geographical areas either as a one-off or as a part of a longer professional learning journey, over several months or years.

  • Established relationships

    Many of the organisations with which we work have been with us since we first set up, twenty-one years ago. All of our courses are linked to the inter-collegiate, Working Together to Safeguard Children Guidance. We are also endorsed by a number of Local Safeguarding Children Boards as Named Trainers.

  • Explorative and immersive

    All of our courses are highly participative. You can rely on us to make courses interesting, realistic and practical. No death by PowerPoint, but real life scenarios and professional debate.