Support and Advice

We find that Practitioners and Managers from a range of organisations frequently feel unsure about what course of action to take about:

  • A specific concern for a child, young person, parent or family as a whole
  • The conduct or behaviour of a colleague, including manager
  • An allegation or complaint against a Practitioner or Manager
  • A ‘culture’ that has developed in a relationship, team or organisation that causes them discomfort

Often our callers are familiar with their procedures, but are seeking reassurance, advice and guidance.

We find that once they have talked through their concerns and heard themselves talking, that they know exactly how to advise themselves.

Please call 0208 123 5099 or contact us via email for this service and we will link you to an Associate.

We aim to email you or call you back within 24 hours.

This Service is not an emergency service. If your concern is urgent, please take advice from your local Children’s Social Care and/or Police Child Abuse Investigation Team.