Understanding Children’s Behaviour


Understanding Children’s Behaviour

A dynamic and informative workshop for parents and Practitioners to attend together.

Would you like to expand your ways of thinking about (or hypothesising on) Children’s Behaviour?

Occasionally we get stuck in our usual ways of thinking; this course is intended to help develop some different or additional co-ordinates.

We’ll explore real-life situations that are causing us concern and explore some solutions.

You could even bring a couple of Parents with you …. Linda loves to assist working along with Parents, so if you are willing to attend along with Parents you’re working with, you are both welcome …. just be willing to explore together!

What you'll cover...

  • Explore what we really mean by behaviour.
  • Think about the theories of attachment and their relationship to behaviour theories.
  • Unpick real issues to see how the theory works in practice.
  • Relate this knowledge to children with ‘special needs’.
  • Consider some of the remedies and solutions to the many barriers to learning experienced by school children.
This course is designed for classroom practitioners but is also suitable for those in the caring and medical professions.

"In this most complex of areas, Catherine Rushforth & Associates courses are always relevant, interesting and tailor made so they represent the best fit for the needs of the target audience."
- Susie West, Head of School, St Christopher's School, Hampstead

Next date to be arranged soon.
Three hours in the morning or afternoon (tbc) 
12 places available
at Anglo Educational Services, 45 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4JP (tbc)
£90 + VAT per delegate (tbc)

The training is led by Linda Coplestone.


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