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With witchcraft-related abuse on the rise, confidence in the DSL role is essential

With witchcraft-related abuse on the rise, confidence in the DSL role is essential

It’s now more important than ever to spend two days immersed in the training for the Designated Lead Person role. With mainstream reporting on ITV just last week, referencing an evidenced 30% rise in child abuse linked to witchcraft over the last three years, we believe that it is essential to keep abreast of practice development. 

It is a real commitment to take two full days outside of the workplace to get well and truly immersed in the role. Two days in adult learning terms is a real opportunity to try on this new role, including what it might mean to the way that you conduct yourself with: 

  • Children and Young People, whether this be individual, as a part of a family sibling or step-sibling group or peer on peer abuse type scenario; 
  • in meaningful partnership with parents, as in truly along aside them while also exercising your professional status as necessary and appropriate;
  • working in collaboration with a broad network of professionals, how to manage conflicts and if necessary enact the Safeguarding Partnership Escalation Policy.

Most people new to the Designated Safeguarding Lead role know what to do (in a child protection type situation) but feel far from confident in doing it. We equip them with that confidence and so much more.

Fundamental to the Catherine Rushforth & Associates belief system is the importance of growing our capacity to work effectively with children, their families and communities from diverse backgrounds. And having the confidence to consider matters of abuse and neglect as they interface with ethnicity, culture, faith and language. 

We promote a new, modern practice that we founded on professional sensitivity and integrity. We integrate deep inquiry into Honour-based abuse, Modern-day Slavery, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, Spirit-based possession, Extremism and Radicalisation and more.

We are not at all sensationalist but grounded in supporting you in developing the best possible approach to work with children, young people, their families and our practitioners right now, in this current climate. 

If this might be of interest to you, join us on our next two day Designated Safeguarding Lead course.  

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